Spotted: Henrik von Euler – d-moll

Today Im introducing you to Swedish composer Henrik von Euler, known from Dödens Dal, Små Vågor, Rigas among others. Henrik also runs the Swedish label Flora & Fauna. This is his first release under his own name. The song d-moll is taken from the EP Hemskogen, which would translate to the home forrest (or something like that). The title d-moll would also translate to D minor if someone was wondering about that.

Tell us something about your track d-moll!
It was recorded on my dead aunt’s school-piano. It’s aptly named after the key it’s in and also features some hollowed out strings from an old Yamaha keyboard. It’s based on a repetitive line that basically should work as a standalone piece. It’s from an EP with music that was left out from the new album with Små Vågor. Initially that album were supposed to contain both piano pieces and more electronic stuff but in the end it became a full on electronic album. These sketches for piano were then left by themselves and needed a new output.

Thank you Henrik for this wonderful song (and wonderful EP)!

For more information, please check out these following links:
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