Spotted: Karen Biehl – As It Was, Ages Hence

Spotted: Karen Biehl – As It Was, Ages Hence

Today I’m introducing you to Dallas born composer and musician Karen Biehl. Except playing the piano nicely, Karen also plays violin and has a degree in Vocal Performance. Karen now recites in New York.

Hi Karen!
Lovely tune! Will this song be featured on an album or is is just a single?

It’s funny you ask this, because I just this week came up with an idea for an entire album, also called “As It Was, Ages Hence”, that would include this track and others that refer to music from the past.  It would include a medley of music in varying styles from different times – not just piano, but also my singing voice, violin and sampled instruments and synths. I have a few compositions in the works that would fit the theme, but as of now, it’s in its very early development stages.  

Alright then! Looking forward to that!
Tell us something about the track!

As It Was, Ages Hence is a melodic piano piece about reminiscing and longing for beautiful idyllic times from the past.  You can hear that it’s both happy and sad at once, as it’s a remembering of times that are no longer here. 
Before I began composing music, I would hear melodies in my head that I’d hum to myself.  While studying opera, I would often come up with my own vocal exercises based on those melodies. In time, I realized that these melodies were compositions and began composing music. The melody from As It Was, Ages Hence is one that haunted me for many years until the day I finally composed the piece, many years later. 
I actually wrote the piece during a time of intense yearning for a man I felt I remembered from long ago. The inspiration behind the piece came from a vision I had of a magical land from long long ago where we were one. In this mystical land, the colors of nature were unusually vibrant and the trees would sway, sigh and sing with the wind.
Whether or not this land ever existed, the good news is I did end up meeting him and we’ve been together for 6 years now.  He is also a musician and has inspired and encouraged me to record and release my music.  “As It Was, Ages Hence” was finally recorded (after gestating for several years) and was released on March 28.

Thank you for the music Karen!

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