Spotted: Isle’r – The Day We Left

Spotted: Isle’r – The Day We Left

Today I’m introducing you to the American artist Isle’r and the track The Day We Left. Isle’r’s first memory of music is of Mozart:

I was in my parent’s living room listening to music from the ‘Amadeus’ soundtrack. I was just a little kid, but somehow I remember everything from that moment – where I sat, the look of the room, the smell, the light, the air. Music has this incredible power like that – it connects us so deeply to memory. I’ve always loved that connection, and I started writing music shortly after.

The track The Day We Left was released on the album Memoried which came out on the 3rd of September, 2021.

Tell us something about your track The Day We Left!
This track “The Day We Left” is from my debut album “Memoried”, which just released on September 3rd. 
‘Memoried’ can describe a place, a time in our life, a day, or even just an afternoon – it means ‘full of memories’. For “The Day We Left”, I sat down and ‘scored’ my memory of leaving home. I tried to capture the feel of it all, the beauty and sadness that coexist when we leave and remember somewhere we love.

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