Spotted: It’s Kevin – Smoky Mountain National Park

Spotted: It’s Kevin – Smoky Mountain National Park

Today I’m introducing you to Kevin Hines, or as he introduced himself – Hi, It’s Kevin! Kevin is an American composer from Detroit who has been making music for as long as he can remember. He started playing the piano in elementary school and fell in love with it immediately. Later, Kevin moved on to plat saxophone, guitar, bass, and anything else he could get his hands on.

This track is not what I would normally post about, even though Kevin makes piano music as well. But in the pitch for the song he told a pretty nice story; so we’ll move on to that one right away!

Tell us something about you song Smoky Mountain National Park!
One of the few things I love just as much as music is exploring new areas. I’ve always had this bug to just get away and explore the world and it always inspires me to write amazing music. During my most recent trip, I visited Smoky Mountain National Park, a breathtaking wonder of rolling mountains that take over the skyline. While I was there I decided I wanted to explore every National Park the United States has to offer and record a single inside of each one. People always take pictures to remember where they’ve been, I wanted to write a song. This song was recorded at “Max Patch” a mountain that has an absolutely breathtaking 360-degree view of mountains. I’ve attached the album art which showcases this amazing view!  I grabbed my microphone and laptop, hiked up the mountain, and started playing the Uke. I didn’t have anything written down to play, I just played what the scenery was showing me; a rolling cadence of highs and lows fading into a dramatic sunset. Once I got back to my cabin in the woods I mixed and added in all the accompanying parts in order to fully embrace in the sound of the mountains! 

Will this song be featured on another release, or is it “just” a single?
This track is part of an ever-evolving album that doesn’t really have a release date. I want to upload a new track for every single National Park that I go to. I do have a more of a rock album coming out soon called “Out Of Office” which I’ve been putting my all into! It’s going to feature 13 songs, each one better than the last! I’ve got another National Park song dropping in the middle of July though and several projects dropping between then! 

Do you have plans to go out and play these songs live?
I also occasionally do live performances on my Facebook page called Piano Plays where I just play soft calming piano lines for around 30 minutes to help my viewers fall asleep! 

Thank you for this Kevin!

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