Spotted: Shai-li Paldi – We Will Last

Spotted: Shai-li Paldi – We Will Last

Today I’m introducing you to Shai-li Paldo, a 26-year-old composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Israel; currently living in Liverpool in the UK where she’s finishing her bachelor degree.

Shai-li released her first track on April 5th, and We Will Last was released as a single in May 2019. The track will also be featured on the upcoming EP Brain Fog, which will be out in July 2019.

Tell us something about your track We Will Last!
We Will Last was written in one emotional night. I started from the repetitive chord progression and then improvised the melody on top and edited it to what it is now. This piece, with its repetitive melody in the left hand, meeting another melody on top, is melancholic but hopeful in a way as the title suggests. In the context of the whole EP, We Will Last is meeting another piano piece and two more fully produced instrumental-ambient tracks. The complexity of the human brain (referring to the EP’s name), always reminded me a brunch that spreads out and has so much responsibility- always has to stay strong and steady.  I named the track We Will Last as a way to convince myself on something that I wanted so much to work out but I couldn’t. In a way, in this track I am speaking out to myself and to everyone else and comforting them when saying that it will all be ok initially, we can survive whatever we face, just like a brunch in a long cold winter or a hot dry summer,

Thank you very much for this Shai-li!

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