Spotted: J Todd Dunnigan – Flying Dream

Spotted: J Todd Dunnigan – Flying Dream

Today I’m introducing you to American composer J Todd Dunnigan. Todd started playing the piano at the age of 14 so he could play in the school jazz band, then went on to earn a scholarship for the university at the age of 18. Instead of going to the university, however, Todd choose to go on playing in different bands instead. Now he works in his own music studio!

The track Flying dream is taken from the album Revasse, which was released on November the 12th of 2019.

Tell us something about your track Flying dream!
This song is an adaptation of a friends song. It was originally on guitar, a lot faster and had lyrics that were half sung half yelled. I thought the guitar part would be really nice if you slowed it down and focused on the melodic portions. Then I adapted it to the piano to transform it even further. There are parts of the song that still feel very guitar-like, the way it arpeggiates and some of the chord voicings sound a lot like guitar to me.

Thank you for this Todd!

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