Spotted: Karen Biehl – To My Father

Today it’s time for yet another song by Dallas composer and pianist Karen Biehl. Karen started out as a violin player in local orchestras in her childhood and later went on to get a major in Vocal performance. Eventuelle she got tired of pursuing an opera career and started to compose for herself instead.

The song To my father was released as a single mid November of 2019.

Tell us something about your track To my father!
To My Father was written in honor of my father, Dr. Edward R. Biehl. who passed away suddenly on October 14, 2019. Not only was he an Organic Chemistry professor and former chairman of the SMU Chemistry Department for many years, my father was an accomplished pianist and organist. Despite whatever financial problems there may have been, he always made sure to provide me with piano, violin, voice lessons and later a musical education at SMU and San Francisco Conservatory of Music. It is because of my father’s support and encouragement that I am able to compose music.
When I was young, he set a song to a silly poem that he wrote for me. The melody in “To My Father” was inspired by that song that he used to sing and play to me. While I was composing and recording “To My Father”, I could hear him humming in my right ear. I’d like to think that he will always be with me, supporting me in the creation of music.  “To My Father” is my thank you to him for all he gave me, both musically and as a father.  

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