Spotted: Jacco Wynia – Never Ending Stillness

Spotted: Jacco Wynia – Never Ending Stillness

Today I’m introducing you to the track Never Ending Stillness by the composer and piano player Jacco Wynia, which I have posted a lot about here. Jacco comes from the Netherlands and has played the piano since the age of eight.

The track Never Ending Stillness was released as a single on the 16th of January, 2021.

Tell us something about your track Never Ending Stillness!
Winter is the space where the world comes to peace. Where animals find their spot for a long sleep. Where we can turn inwards, review our experiences from the year and give them a place. This way the old is able to finish off, and make space for new things.

Never Ending Stillness is about a place like this, a place where you can come and find peace and tranquillity. It urges you to stop running, lay down your worries, and just be. That is the way this song came to me, after visiting an old teacher from me that I hadn’t seen in a while. Lots had happened, and it was good to meet again. We both had experienced some intense times, found our way through it, and got to meet again, being able to say to eachother ‘it is good this way’.

That feeling stayed with me and helped me improvise freely. After doing that for a while, I decided to take these experiences and improvise for a recording, so that I would be able to share it with you, and with my future self. Anytime the song is played, it can offer a way to enter Never Ending Stillness.

Thank you Jacco!

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