Spotted: Vicente Avella – Radiance

Spotted: Vicente Avella – Radiance

Today I’m presenting your with the track Radiance by the Venezuelan composer and piano player Vicente Avella, based in the United States. Vicente fell in love with music in his teens and wanted to be “one of those people who created music in the albums I would spend hours listening”.

The track Radiance was released as a single on the 15th of januari, 2021.

Tell us something about your track Radience!
Radiance is the quality or state of being radiant. That is, vividly bright and shining. This single is the first of a series of compositions I’ll be releasing this year which revolve around the physics of light. When I set out to compose the music, I made an honest effort to remain as truthful and respectful as possible to the science. That being said, I am not a scientist nor a physicist, so the result is most likely a metaphor; rays or reflecting beams of light as metaphors of the human experience.

Thank you very much for this Vicente!

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