Spotted: Jacob LaVallee – Night Walk

Spotted: Jacob LaVallee – Night Walk

Today I’m introducing you to American composer Jacob LaVallee and his tune Night Walk. Jacob have been playing piano and making music the vast majority of his life and Jacob says that both has a deep therapeutic function for him.

The piano, a place I would naturally go to in order to find some rest and peace. It was place to express things I couldn’t naturally say in words, so that’s where the music is generated from. 

Night Walk is being fetured on the album Towards Dawn which were released on all streaming services on august the 5th of 2019.

Tell us something about your song Night Walk!
The story about how Night Walk came to be, was that I had been working in writing background music for tv, internet, radio etc, but had felt a longing to go back to writing more music for the piano. I had an 88 key keyboard at the time, but no real piano. I didn’t have a lot of money, so I found an old little spinet piano on Craigslist that a guy here in Nashville was looking to get rid of. I picked it up and brought it home. This little tune ‘Night Walk’ was one of the first things to come out, and it was a melody that stayed with me over and over as a simple place of rest and comfort. The title resembles the place it took me in my mind, on an evening walk through a street in Paris that I had visited some years ago. 

Thank you Jacob for sharing this with us!

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