Spotted: Alex Tiuniaev – Earthscapes

Spotted: Alex Tiuniaev – Earthscapes

Today I’m introducing you to Russian composer Alex Tiuniaev based in Moscow. Alex started composing music back in 2004 and has since then released a good number of songs on different labels. Since 2017 he releases his music through bandcamp.

The track Earthscapes is released on the EP with the same name.

Since this release isn’t available through Spotify, you can find the streaming link here!

Tell us something about your track Earthscapes!
When composing the first movement, I was striving for a lush, Baroque sound (JS Bach being a huge influence on me overall), but with a modernist twist. Nature and landscape are a huge inspiration so that’s where the title Earthscapes came from. Trees and plants have always for some reason been associated with string instruments for me, so I think the colourful counterpoint of the first movement is nicely reflected on the lush album cover. It also has a sort of “environmental” theme to it, which is also quite important for me.

For more information, I would suggest you jumped over to bandcamp! Or maybe Facebook or Twitter.