Spotted: Jan Ove Fjeld – Sky Divine

Spotted: Jan Ove Fjeld – Sky Divine

Today I’m introducing you to the track Sky Divine by the Norwegian composer and piano player Jan Ove Fjeld. Jan Ove has played the piano for the most part of his life and started composing around the same time he started playing.

The track Sky Divine was released as a single on the 14th of august, 2020.

Tell us something about your track Sky Divine!
This song was composed at a remote cabin in the Norwegian mountains, where I spend most of the summer month composing and living isolated and primitive. I find a lot of inspiration in the mountains/forest. All my music is piano based, modern classic, soundtrack, neoclassical, piano. As a former cameraman, I making a lots of videos to my music, I had also made a video from this song, but the files where lost unfortantly. After spent many years traveling, backpacking, and as pilgrim, I realized it was about time I got some of my music out.

Thanks for this Jan Ove!

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