Spotted: Javi Lobe – Infinity

Spotted: Javi Lobe – Infinity

Today I’m introducing you to Spanish composer and pianist Javi Lobe from Zaragoza, Spain. Javi has always been a musician, and the interest just keeps getting bigger. He got his first piano lesson from his older sister and then went on to study piano at the Conservatory. He doesn’t just make piano music, but also makes arrangements for strings.

This song, Infinity, is released as a single and a part of Piano Storys; a series of songs; another song every other week. The full album is released in June of 2019.

Tell us something about your track Infinity!
The point behind Infinity was to get a simple work at an easy pace, however with a special, haunting sonority. This is done by means of a set of chords chosen thoroughly in order to build up an atmosphere that will carry you away; your mind will go blank and you will have a vacant stare, staring into infinity.

Thank your for this wonderful piece of music, Javi!

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