Spotted: Kevin Stahl – Everlasting peace

Spotted: Kevin Stahl – Everlasting peace

Today I’m introducing you to American film composer Kevin Stahl based in Philadelphia. He usually makes music for movies and video games.

Like many others, Kevin has a lot of unreleased material laying around. And like many others Kevein goes through this old material every now and then.

After re-discovering all these tracks, I realized that many of them contained a common thread and would work nicely together as an album.

I hear you Kevin.

Tell us something about your track Everlasting peace!
Everlasting Peace is the calmest and most serene track on the album. It is a Thomas Newman-inspired track that, upon hearing it for the first time, Denis DiBlasio struggled with what to play. In a single take with no edits, he recorded the most beautiful melody line that became a cornerstone to entire Circadian Rhythms album.

Tell us something about your album Circadian Rhythms!
When the world-renowned jazz musician, Denis DiBlasio, expressed interest in collaborating on an album, I began work re-composing, re-orchestrating, and recording these tracks. In the most un-intuitive fashion, Denis came in about halfway through the composing process and laid down improvised solos and melody lines on top of the incomplete works-in-progress. He played a variety of instruments including the rare and hauntingly beautiful bass flute. With his parts laid down, I finished composing and orchestrating “around” his parts. And, in the end, Denis’ solo lines, the orchestrations, and the rhythm section met in the middle and came together to form the album Circadian Rhythms – an eclectic jazz / classical crossover album, featuring lush orchestrations, subtle grooves, and virtuosic solos.

Thank you for this album Kevin! Truly wonderful music!

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