Spotted: Jens Larsson – Loss of Humanity

Spotted: Jens Larsson – Loss of Humanity

Today I’m presenting you with the track Loss of Humanity by the Swedish composer and piano player Jens Larson. Jens makes neoclassical music with influences from pop, jazz and classical music. He gained interest in the great composers Schumann and Chopin at an early age and

The track Loss of Humanity is taken from the album Humanity which came out on the 25th of November, 2023.

Tell us something about your track Loss of Humanity!
The song Loss of Humanity is a well written song with every note carefully picked and notated and then expressfully recorded with no editing just played from the heart.

I´m really trying to make the most of every note and keeping it small” this is the thoughts of Jens composing ideas. Building something small and easy and then using these musical ideas throughout the song. Then playing from the heart so the music comes alive to the listener.

It´s easy to hear the meaning of the song. It´s emotional expressions really cries out pain and despair. The Coverphoto is taken by the composer himself in the beautiful  landscape of Dalarna in Sweden.

When listening to this song he hopes everyone can relate and reflect on what´s going on on this planet and perhaps make a change even if small.

Thanks Jens!