Spotted: Joel Lundberg and Kalle Stenbäcken – P.I.B. (Post Industrial Bliss)

Spotted: Joel Lundberg and Kalle Stenbäcken – P.I.B. (Post Industrial Bliss)

Today I’m introducing you to the track P.I.B. by composer Joel Lundberg, performed by the piano player Kalle Stenbäcken. Joel is based in Gothenburg, Sweden and has been a touring musician most of his life, mainly as a guitar player.

How did you go from playing guitar to making classical piano music?
I begun by studying the classic repertoire of Bach, Beethoven and Debussy and from there started to write compositional etudes for piano. The music grew from etudes to “real” musical pieces and I realized that I didn’t have the ability to make right by the music and I needed help. It’s not possible to magically pull out 20000 hours of practice from a hat…

And how did you come in contact with Kalle, who’s playing on this tune?
A friend of mine (Klas-Henrik Hörngren, Klabbes Bank) told me about the concert pianist Kalle Stenbäcken and that he might be a good candidate. 

I met with Kalle and we almost immediately clicked. It turned out that we had a lot of musical references and a that we spoke the same musical language. This of course helped with the actual recording of the album “Music from a Room”. 

The track P.I.B is taken from the album Music from a room, which was released late February of 2020.

Tell us something about the track!
P.I.B. (Post Industrial Bliss) is one of eight tracks on the album “Music from a Room”. The album is a homage to the artistic movement that occured in Paris around 1900. You can see P.I.B. as a ironic/synical statement, meaning that we historically and still today get very carried away with everything that progress and innovation throw at us. But it can also be regarded as a celebration to all the brilliant ideas and innovation that came out of the Industrialization. Two sides of the coin. 

Thank you for sharing this with us Joel (and Kalle)!

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