Spotted: Nico Casal – Fog

Spotted: Nico Casal – Fog

One year has passed since I posted about a track by Nico Casal, so the time has come to present to you the track Fog! Nico is a composer and piano player since a you age and he is from Galicia in Spain. When he was a teenager he composed the music for a short film made by his friends and later decided that this was his calling. He has then worked as a film composer for ten years.

The track Fog will be released as part of a new EP series called Stories, but is now available as a single.

Tell us something about your track Fog!
Fog was originally written for Film London’s “Charlie” film directed by Shan Christopher Ogilvie and starring Cosmo Jarvis. In the film Cosmo Jarvis plays the character of a dog. It’s a melancholic story, with his performance in the film providing a rich tapestry to work with, with FOG being one of the central cues. It was then a few months later, when I started playing the track live with my band that it evolved. I worked with my band mate and great electronic music producer PBSR, adding further electronic layers making it more of a song for the live show. We then went back in the studio to record the additional live synth parts, remixing the track into the version you hear on this release.

Thank you for sharing this with us Nico!

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