Spotted: Juan María Solare – La voz del sur

Spotted: Juan María Solare – La voz del sur

For readers of my blog, Juan María Solare is not a new name. I’ve written about one of his releases before. But let’s do a short introduction again!

Juan María Solare is an Argentinian composer and pianist who now lives in Bremen, Germany. He relocated because of a scholarship of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in order to undertake postgraduate studies in music composition at the music Hochschule in Cologne.

His composition La voz del sur is part of his six piece cycle Himmelsrichtungen (Cardinal Points), which was released back in 2016.

The artwork of the album was designed by the British artist Alban Low ( The picture reflects visually the conceptual idea of the album: a multi-dimensional star or rather compass rose.

Juan María Solare

Tell us something about your track La voz del sur!
The South, symbolically, represents also the Origin (and don’t forget that I was born in Argentina!) and the Past. If you were born in the Northern hemisphere, you might find this conception counter-intuitive. The Voice from the South is therefore a Voice (an unseen, but heard, messenger) informing and reminding about the Origins.

As many of my other piano pieces, this one started as an improvisation that began to grow and to achieve a structured form. And after having a structured form, extra work to make it sound as an fluid improvisation again.

Thank you for this track, and for this entire release!

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