Spotted: Sterile Cuckoo – Pink Boy Minor

Spotted: Sterile Cuckoo – Pink Boy Minor

When I started this blog, I said to myself I would write about piano music. That is still my ambition, but sometimes people send stuff to me that’s just to good not to write about.

Today I’m introducing you to Thomas Minischetti, composer now based in Germany. He has a history with different indie bands, but has now started his solo project Sterile Cuckoo. His song Pink boy minor is taken from his latest album Elysian. The album takes it’s twist and turns and walks through loads of different genres. No track is like the other when it comes to instrumentation and composition. The song Pink boy minor is kind of an string based ambient song. When Thomas sent me this song he said “Please be patient to listen, you won’t regret. Thanks!”.

I don’t regret it. Not at all.

It starts with strings. After a while some strange things starts to happen; sounds go backwards, forward, and then the beautiful piano comes in.

I’ll leave it for you to explain Thomas! So please

Tell us something about your track Pink Boy Minor!
Pink Boy Minor was actually the first song I recorded for this album. First my plan was to make a solo piano album. Well; it turned out completely different in the end.  I had this small piano melody in my head one day when I drove back from work. It was a autumn’s late afternoon, and there were these brown red golden leaves everywhere, adn the sunset gave this typical october gloomy light. For me it was a beautiful and and the same time kind of sad and melancholic moment.But you know, a song never ends up the way you plan it. So while editing in, I thought there should be some string arrangement including, just to make it sound more cinematic. But afterwards I deleted alot of string tracks again, and left just a few of them, because it sounded to full suddenly, much more like a Hollywood movie soundtrack… and well the result is what you can listen now. A quiet piece of nostalgic ambient music.

Thank you for sharing this song with us!

Thomas had decided not to release his music through Spotify, but you can listen to the entire album on Bandcamp!

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