Spotted: Kemin Zhang – Fan of Snowflakes

Today I’m presenting you with the track Fan of Snowflakes by the China born and Canada based composer and piano player Kemin Zhang. Kemin was classical trained in violin, viola and piano and was born into a family of musicians, where both parents worked in the orchestra pit of China Central Ballet.

The track Fan of snowflakes was released as a single back in 2020.

Tell us something about your track Fan of Snowflaes!
This was a piece of music written in the Qing Ping Club in Beijing a couple of years before the place mysteriously disappeared. It was the first piano piece written in the Qing Ping Club, located across from the 55th middle-school in Beijing. I was invited by the owner to use the place as a studio to write whatever I wished. This was the first piece. Written after a conversation one evening when a lady asked if I knew what a “雪花扇” was… I didn’t, so I played this as a response to the question.

Thank you!