Behind the piano: Stefano Fasce

Behind the piano: Stefano Fasce

Today it’s time to get behind the piano and get to know the Italian composer Stefano Fasce a bit better!

Where are you from? And where do you live?
I am from Genoa in Italy, and have been living in London for the past 5 years.

How long have you been playing the piano, and do you play other instruments as well?
There was a baby grand in my home when I was young, so I’ve been playing it since I was a child but I’ve never taken lessons. I graduated in flute, I’ve been playing the guitar (electric and acoustic) since I was 13 and I have been learning the cello for the past 2 years.

Tell us about how you started playing music. 
My dad shared his passion for music with my brother and I from a young age, so we were immersed in a musical environment very early on, and naturally approached the piano in the house, a beautiful Kawai.

How long have you been making piano music?
When I was about 15 or 16, after playing covers of other people, I sat down and started writing simple ideas and that was the start of everything. I’ve been more serious about writing music for the past 7 years.

Tell us something about that moment you realized you could make songs yourself!
There was no sudden realisation. It was more of a slow development over time as the ideas that I was playing around with eventually turned into songs.

What are your favorite artists in this “piano genre”?
I like Olafur Arnalds, Vikingur Olafsson, Hania Rani, Joep Beving and many others.

Is there one song which you play over and over again as soon as you sit down by a piano? Your own or someone else’s? 
Not a song but a couple chord progressions that I like that often work their way into my compositions.

What rules (in making music) needs to be broken?
Musical rules can be helpful guidelines but all rules can and should be broken if it helps you to achieve the sound and emotion that you want.

How do you record your music? Yourself? In a big studio? etc.
It depends. Usually I record by myself in my garden studio, which is a lovely place to work in. My debut album was recorded at Metropolis Studios, and I’ve also recorded at Angel Studios. Of course having the opportunity to record in places like these is very welcome!

Whats your take on sampled instruments?
I use sampled instruments all the time in my work as a film composer. I think it’s great that we have so many options but their limitations can influence the music we write. I always feel much more inspired when composing on a real instrument rather than composing at the midi keyboard.

The last question is asked by my 6 year old son:
Where do all your songs come from? 
They come from many places. Sounds, rhythms, ideas, melodies. They all have a seed, a small fragment, that expands into a much more complex composition.

Thank you very much for this Stefano!

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