Spotted: Kendra Logozar – Enchantment

Spotted: Kendra Logozar – Enchantment

Today I’ introducing you to the American composer and piano player Kendra Logozar and the track Enchantment. Kendra lives in Nashville, Tennessee and is a self taught pianist, starting out at the age of. 12.

The track Enchantment was released as a single in April 2020, but will also be featured on an upcoming album.

Tell us something about your track Enchantment!
This track is inspired by the tension of embracing joy in a world that experiences much pain. In the right hand melody of this track you can hear the wistful rocking movement mirroring that tension. There is so much beauty and goodness that enchants and delights our souls but so often we find the darkness trying to tear that away from us. This song was written early on a misty morning with my husband, composer Michael Logozar.

Thank you for the music Kendra!

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