About the EP: Sinclair

About the EP: Sinclair

On Friday I released another EP called “Sinclair”. The name was taken from the road where my sisters house is located in my home town of Arvika.

This is the first time I have recorded something on an acoustic piano, so it was pretty special for me. I usually compose, record and mix the song at the same time, so this time I had to really prepare and do each part of the process completely separate! I recorded it live, using my Townsend Sphere microphone with my laptop, and then took it back to Malmö to mix and master.

The recording was made during the Christmas season of 2019 and the first single, Meadow, was releases some time in January, and this was the fastest ever from recording to release I have ever made. I had some other things I wanted to release first so that’s why the full EP had to wait until now.

So. This is me trying to play the piano for real (well, not that I cheat on my other tracks, but this is very live for once).

I hope you like it!