Spotted: Kevin Kerrigan – The Lake

Spotted: Kevin Kerrigan – The Lake

Today I’m introducing you to Kevin Kerrigan; an instrumental music artist from London, England. I came across his song The Lake a while ago, and I got curious about it!

Tell us something about The Lake!
One winter’s evening I switched off all the lights and stayed up all night playing the piano. This is something I do quite often (since I was a kid) but this time I decide to record it.  I would occasionally drift into semi-sleep, but keep playing..  By sunrise the album “The Moonlit Castle” was recorded,  and I went to bed. The Lake being one of the songs.

Tell us something about this latest release of yours! Is there a theme throughout the album/EP?
Iit’s about night time!  I wanted it to sound intimate and warm,  with soft, reflective tones and dreamlike feelings.  It’s quite thoughtful and melancholic I suppose too. None of this was planned really – it all came quite naturally due to how/when it was created.  The piano had the soft pedal down the whole time and was recorded with vintage ribbon mics which give a very soft, muted sound which is evocative of the fragile light of candles or dreamy moonlight.

Thank you for this song, and this amazing album of yours!

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