About the song: Falsterbo

About the song: Falsterbo

Just like my previous post, about the song Arvika, this song is about one of my favorite places in the world. My wife has had this house in Falsterbo in her family for a very long time, and it’s now owned by her aunt.

One of my favorite things about this house is that it has a piano in it. It’s not in tune and it’s not a fancy piano. But like the piano in my parents house; that doesn’t matter. It is located in one of the places where I enjoy being.

Early in the summer of 2018 I sat down by the piano and started to play a couple of chord over and over again. I sat there for maybe an hour just listening to the chords and trying to figure out what kind of melody would fit over those chords. Then something interrupted me. And then we had to go back to our apartment in Malmö again.

During the vacation in Arvika, like I told you in the post about the song Arvika, I only brought with me my Maschine from Native instruments with the goal to learn how it worked. The song Arvika was the first one I produced that summer, and Falsterbo was the second one. And like Arvika, the main track on this two-track single is an electronic version of the song, and the second track is a solo piano version.

It ended up with just those four chords. Simple as that!

On the cover art you can see my youngest son walking on the bridge over the golf course heading down to the ocean.

Enjoy the song!

If the playlist doesn’t work, please use this link instead!