Spotted: KLINGER – Dust

Spotted: KLINGER – Dust

Today I’m introducing you to German piano player, composer and pop producer Klinger. He started his piano career with a song by German singer songwriter Vivie Ann which he did a piano rework of. It turned out so great that he decided to make some more piano music!

The song Dust is released as a single, but will also be part of an EP which will be released in the first quarter of 2020.

Tell us something about your track Dust!
‘Dust’ is so many different things. It´s everywhere but normally we don´t pay much attention. We tend to find it annoying, but it can also be very beautiful, when the sun comes through the window and all those tiny particles float in the air. When you zoom in you can see that dust is not one simple thing, but a hotchpotch of very different objects consisting of many different materials. We call them all dust only because they are very small. 
Old things are always covered in dust. And so was the piano I played when I wrote that song. It´s more than 150 years old and if you listen carefully you can hear it creaking and sighing while it´s played. I guess that´s also how the name ‘dust’ came to my mind.

Thank you for the music Klinger!

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