Today I’m introducing you to German composer Gunter Scholler; however, Gunter has lived the past 30 years in France. I feel like Gunter tells his own story:

I had several different lives. At first I was a computer scientist, after that I worked in several opera houses, then as a freelance choir master and vocal teacher. I have always had a deep love for music. As a young man I composed songs and sang them in German cellar theaters, where I accompanied myself on piano.

I usually ask the participants to introduce the song to the blog audience. Of course I asked the same question to Gunter, but I got a very different answer. Enjoy!

I write a lot of music.  Epic music, and orchestra music (string orchestra and choirs) and all I had to do, was to write down some notes on a cheet of paper. For this track I tried to work on a different way. The Idea was, that never I should play more than 3 notes on the same time. 

But the problem is, on Spotify  if you put your music on Spotify,  they do not want sheet music, they want  a finished product. Good music, good sound .

You have to produce a good sound.

I’m a self-made musician and I never did home recording or things like that.  So, I wasn’t able to produce this « good, professional sound » . I tried for month’s (even years) and it never worked.  And this song, “the lost kingdom” is perhaps my first song ever, that sounds OK.  It’s not that I’m happy with that sound…. but it feels nearly OK.

Thank you Gunter!

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