Spotted: Klinger – Horst

Spotted: Klinger – Horst

Today I’m presenting you with the track Horst by the German composer and piano player Klinger. He started playing the piano at the age of six and started to work as a musician, producer and arranger after finishing school. A few years ago he started finding his was back to the piano again and started making piano music. You can read more about Klinger by clicking on his name above!

The track Horst was released as a single on the 18th of may, but will also be part of the project Persona : Perseverance which will be released in June, 2021.

Tell us a little something about that project!
It´s a series of musical portraits. That means that I try to depict persons with music. I´m working with a small film team, who make moving portraits of the persons and I compose music for them. For the first series of portraits we decided to search for people who have been affected by Covid and its consequences in a special way. Horst owns a little pub in Hamburg, St. Pauli, and he had to close down due to Corona regulations. There will also be portraits of a risk-patient, a 96-year-old Corona survivor, a nurse, an actor and a police officer.

Tell us something about your track Horst!
When I was a child I often sat at the piano and played what came to my mind, just improvising. One day I noticed that my playing changes completely when someone enters the room. As if that person is somehow reflected in my music. That´s how the idea was born to depict people with music.”

“Composing a piece for ‘Horst’ was easy. His face already tell´s so many stories. I was immediately inspired and wrote the piece in one afternoon. I just let the music flow and this is what happened.”

Thank you for this Klinger!