Spotted: Klinger – Labyrinth

Spotted: Klinger – Labyrinth

Today I’m presenting you with the track Labyrinth by the German composer and piano player Klinger.

After I graduated I played in bands, started producing and composing for other artists. But it was only when my old Steingraeber made it´s way to my new home in Hamburg, when I really started to work with the piano again.

The track Labyrinth was released on the album Mosaik which came out on the 14th of April, 2023.

Tell us something about your track Labyrinth!
I remember thinking a lot about Bach when I wrote this, and about his umatched ability to create something beautiful from a very simple theme that he walks effortlessly through the wildest chords and tonalities. I guess this is my humble attempt to do something similar. I usually don’t write down my music, but in this case I had to. There are so many turns and branches in this piece and if you take the wrong one you end up somewhere else completely. This is also how I came up with the name ‘Labyrinth’. 

Thank you for this Klinger!