Spotted: Kyle Preston – Thesis

Spotted: Kyle Preston – Thesis

Today I’m introducing you to Kyle Preston, an American composer and pianist from Seattle. Aside from this song, which is a solo piano song, he also releases both ambient and experimental music under his own name.

When he doesn’t release music like this, you can also find Kyle’s music in both short films, feature-length films and video games. The most famous one being Prune, which is an award winning and TIME Magazine game of the year. Awesome!

This track is featured on his latest album Paper Piano which kind of is recorded how it sounds; with a piece of paper between the hammer of the piano and the strings. I’ve heard of people using all kinds of fabric to get that “damped” sound, but paper is definitely new to me!

Tell us something about Thesis!
This track is part of a collection of piano songs called Paper Piano. The idea was to put sheets of paper between the felt hammers and resonating strings. Thesis was so much fun to write that it turned into an entire album. I really wanted to highlight the percussive aspects of the piano and still maintain a mellow soft atmosphere. On every track of the album, exploring different uses of paper since its invention became the main theme, especially the track Gutenberg.

Thank you for the music Kyle! And thank you for being so inspirational in your music making!

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