Spotted: Liam MacLean – Silhouette

Spotted: Liam MacLean – Silhouette

Today I’m presenting you with the track Silhouette by the Scottish composer, guitar player, drummer and piano player Liam MacLean. Liams main instrument is really guitar but he always fins himself writing for the piano.

There are a lot of reasons while I started playing and writing piano music, but I guess it all began in 2017 during my final year of university when I was offered the chance to score my first short film, ‘Baby Steps’.

The track Silhouette was released as a single on the 2nd of December, 2021.

Tell us something about your track Silhouette!
Silhouette started as a demo for a sample instrument on, ‘The Gimp’ piano created by Christian Henson. The Gimp is a prepared/muted piano, and at first, I wasn’t totally sold on the piece but thought the percussive nature of the instrument was pretty interesting. I left the piece as a pretty basic idea on my hard drive and after a couple of weeks, I returned to listen to it. This is when I added the felted piano sound and instantly started to view the track differently. I do not consider myself a pianist, so I am always hesitant to release tracks that only contain piano. However, after playing around with the arrangement of the track in between working on other projects, I eventually had something I was happy to release. It’s a little different to other tracks I have written in the past, and it forced me to alter how approach composing music.

Thank you Liam!