Spotted: Luis Paul – City Night

Spotted: Luis Paul – City Night

Today I’m introducing you to another track by the German composer and piano player Ludwig Karsch, also known as Luis Paul which you can read all about in this Behind the piano post! Luis lives in Berlin and has studied music production and musicology. He started composing music for piano when he was a child.

Film music has always been a big part of my life and that is why the idea behind my music is to create some sort of soundtrack of life. I really love to get lost in stories, feelings and to listen to people. Every person has his or her own stories and all too often they could just as easily come from a movie. The only thing missing is the music. That is why I want to capture exactly such moments, stories and associated feelings with my music and give them what they deserve in retrospect – The soundtrack of life.

The track City Night was released as a single on the 1st of October, 2021.

Tell us something about your track City Night!
“City Night” was written after I had gone for a walk on a rainy and late night in my Berlin neighbourhood. There wasn’t much going on anymore except for a few people waiting for the rain to stop with a drink in one bar or another. When you think about it, it’s just incredible how many different life stories and experiences take place in a single place. Music can completely change your perspective on what you perceive at that moment. Have you ever thought about how many people you touch or influence every day without knowing it? How many lives and stories cross? What consequences even the smallest actions have? Somehow all of our lives are unwittingly interwoven in infinite ways. With this song I tried to capture the mood and feelings of that night. I hope you enjoy this little soundtrack of life.

Thank you very much for sending me this track!