Spotted: Luis Paul – Loneliness

Spotted: Luis Paul – Loneliness

Today I’m presenting you with the track Loneliness by the German composer and piano player Ludwig Karsch, who makes music using the moniker Luis Paul. Ludwig lives in Berlin and has played the piano and composed music since he was a child.

Especially film music has always been a big part of my life and that is why the idea behind my music is to create some sort of soundtrack of life. I really love to get lost in stories, feelings and to listen to people. Every person has his or her own stories and all too often they could just as easily come from a movie.

The track Loneliness was released as a single on the 21st of may, 2021.

Tell us something about your track Loneliness!
Loneliness was written on a late Saturday night in my studio in Berlin-Schöneberg after I had been doing some paper work. I felt a little bit melancholic and lonely and thought this must be something, many people are experiencing at the moment due to the circumstances. Sure, there is the digital world in which we can still connect but in a more superficial way. Music is one of the few things, people can always connect with on a deeper level and therefore I wanted to give that by capturing my mood and sharing it. Music can trigger feelings and imagination in such a way, that you feel understood and in this case maybe less lonely. By the way, the artwork of this and of all my other songs so far have been created by my favorite painter and mother Martina Karsch.

Thank you very much for sending in this track!