Spotted: Mari Sainio – Midnight

Today I’m presenting you with the latest track, Midnight, by the Finish composer and piano player Mari Sainio, based in Helsinki. Mari has played the piano for her entire life and started composing in elementary school.

Nature has always been important to me and I’ve spent a lot of time since childhood in the Northern Finland and Finnish archipelago and it’s one of the biggest influences for my work.

The track Midnight was released as a single on the 6th of November 2020, but will also be featured on an upcoming album some time 2021.

Tell us something about your track Midnight!
My whole second album is inspired by a Finnish archipelago and all the time I’ve spent there. I got an inspiration for this particular track when I watched a still lake in the northern Finland at midnight (same lake as in the cover photo). I wanted to create a piece that just flows forward effortlessly and different parts grow and fade away very naturally. Recording of this piece was fun but very long process because I wanted all the balances of different stems be perfect and I worked with them for days.

Thank you Mari!

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