Spotted: Jean Bell – Caelum

Spotted: Jean Bell – Caelum

Today I’m introducing you to the composer Jean Bell, originally from Panama but now located in the northern parts of Norway. Jean is a self taught multi instrumentalist, composer and piano player. He just recently started writing piano music although his main instrument is guitar.

The track Caelum was released as a single on the 5th of November, 2020.

Tell us something about your track Caelum!
Caelum is one of those songs that just seems to write itself as you go. As if pulled from thin air, the ether. Handed to you, to slowly reveal itself and develop into an ethereal, melancholic yet hopeful little tune. Whilst I was writing the piece, the song brought back memories. Those of long lost loved ones to be precise. 
It was recorded at my home studio on an eerily quiet evening, right after we had our first snowfall this year in Northern Norway. Perhaps it was this that set the tone of the song.  
To me, the verse is ‘a sense of wonder and yearning’. The ‘chorus’, is a gentle, sweet memory. As the piece evolves, it resolves into ‘acceptance’. Caelum, in Latin, means ‘the sky’, ‘the heavens’. And perhaps that was the source, the ether. Chord progression and melody, as if pulled from thin air, handed down from ‘caelum’.

Thank you for this track Jean!

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