Spotted: Maria Grönlund – Sunglow

Today I’m presenting you with the brand new track Sunglow by the Swedish composer and piano player Maria Grönlund from Stockholm, Sweden. You can check out this Behind the piano article to know everything about Maria and her music! In short; Maria started playing the piano at the age of five, and was taught by her mother.

The track Sunglow was released as a single on the 10th of may, 2022, but will also be part on an album in June.

Tell us something about your track Sunglow!
I’ve released ‘Colors of my mind Pt.1’ and ‘Pt.2’ during last year, and ‘Sunglow’ is the first track from ‘Pt.3’ to meet the world. All the pieces of this album have color names, and ‘Sunglow’ is a warm, fresh yellow hue. Like all the other tracks of the album it stems from an improvisation I did together with painter Madelene Egerfält, and the artwork is a close-up from her painting. To me this piece symbolizes hope and comfort. We need to know and believe that behind the clouds the sun still shines, and that it one day will be visible again.

Thank you again Maria for sharing your music with us!

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