Spotted: Todd Cardon – Dreams

Spotted: Todd Cardon – Dreams

Today I’m presenting you with the American piano player and composer Todd Cardon. Todd has been playing the piano since before he can even remember and started recording music about 20 years ago.

The track Dreams was released as a single on the 9th of may, 2022.

Tell us something about your track Dreams!
This recording was inspired as I was playing around with the upper keys of the piano. I love the sound or ring that it makes as you play progressive chords. 

The other inspiration came as I looked out my window and could see spring approaching after a long 6 month winter. It was still cold outside, but you could see the hope that spring brings with hints of hope, like early season birds chirping and green grass beginning to manifest itself. 

This song also evokes the same feeling I feel at home. I’m at a location where I am surrounded by nature. 

My hope when I recorded this song is to help the listener feel calm and peaceful. That’s how I feel when I sit back and listen to the recording. 

Thanks for this Todd!