Spotted: Mats Dernánd – Homeward Bound

Spotted: Mats Dernánd – Homeward Bound

Today I’m introducing you to the composer and piano player Mats Dernánd from Örebro Sweden. Mats got interested in the piano when he was in kindergarten. A couple of years later his sister started taking piano lessons, so the family bought a piano. He wrote his first songs as a teen, and continued to write and play music in different bands.

Homeward Bound is a single with one orchestral and one solo piano version. The single was released on the 15th of February.

Tell us something about your track Homeward bound!
When I wrote “Homeward Bound”, I thought that I usually feel at ease while traveling home. At the same time, the journey can be long and sometimes demanding, and it can feel a little bit sad to leave something behin.  I tried to capture those different feelings in the song. Somewhere during my recordings, I also got to feel a wintry landscape. I hope that the listener comes close to their own feelings about being homeward bound while listening.

Thank you very much for this Mats!

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