The Hope album: Johan Eckman – King

The Hope album: Johan Eckman – King

2020 was a difficult year for all people; a raging pandemic that killed 2.3 million people,  unprecedented wildfires in California and Australia, a huge blast in Beirut that destroyed half the city, and racial tensions everywhere. The Hope piano compilation album was born of the idea to bring together 12 well-established pianists from across the globe and spread a message of hope through music, each in his own way. – Jean-Paul Zoghbi

So, I will not introduce you to myself. But I am part of the Hope album, and I always post a little something when I have a new song out so I don’t feel bad at all about it!

This track was written in the end of a three week total Corona isolation. I got it first, my wife got it next and then the kids. None of us got very sick and barely had any symptoms at all. But right when I was about to sit down to make this track I kind of felt like a king. The Eckman family won against Corona! For me – that is hope!

This is also my first release using my real name Johan Eckman as the main artist. Sleepy Songs is now officially retired.

Agape was released as a single on March 5th, an is also a part of the album “HOPE”.