Spotted: Matt Stewart-Evans – Solo

Spotted: Matt Stewart-Evans – Solo

Today I’m introducing you to Matt Stewart-Evans, a composer from Nottingham, UK currently based in London. Matt is self taught on the piano and together with the Swedish record company 1631 he has gotten over 10 million streams on his first EP Wanderer from 2016.

Today, however, I’m introducing you to his brand new album Solo which contains of seven pieces for the piano.

Tell us something about the album!
The album came together as a collection of solo piano pieces slowly and fairly organically over a period of about 2 years. Up until now, my composing time has been limited to pockets of time in the evenings and weekends alongside a full-time job, so the creative process tends to move quite slowly. However, ‘Retrospect’ came out on the day that I switched to a part-time role to focus on creative endeavours, so this album marks nearly a month into a new creative period for me. No excuses now! I mean, other than money…

Tell us something more about that track Retrospect!
Retrospect was a piece born out of an improvisation that evoked strong nostalgic feelings about being a kid for some reason – it’s not all that often that a piece reminds me of a specific feeling like that. It also resonated with many others when I was ‘road testing’ the pieces, so made sense to me to use as the single. ‘Lulled’ comes in a close second, as it’s one of the first pieces I composed of this collection, and I still love playing it and improvising further with it two years on.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful album with us Matt! And let’s hope you’ll reach 10 million streams on this album as well!

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