Spotted: Sleepy Songs feat. Rikard Mathisson – Rowan

So, the day has finally come! The day when I move the presentation of a new release from the news category to the spotted section. Why it makes sense this time is because I made this song together with Rikard Mathisson. So I could actually let someone else write a presentation for the song since it’s both mine and his.

This song came out on the 5th of July and was released by The Sonder House.

So, Rikard; Tell us something about the song Rowan!
An important part of the music is the inspiration you share with other people both in the mind and in the art, and since we create music that touches each other, it was obvious that we should try to create music together – in the style and era of Nils Frahm and Ólafur Arnalds. Rowan is the first track reaching out like this, hopefully there will be plenty!

You can find all my social links all over the place on this site, but if you’re interested in following Rikard and his upcoming project you should check these links out:
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