Spotted: Matthias Gusset – Almost There

Spotted: Matthias Gusset – Almost There

Today I’m introducing you to the track Almost There by the Swiss composer and multi instrumentalist Matthias Gusset. Matthias has played different instruments for different bands since 2008.

The aesthetic of the piano (which I learned as a kid) was the most fitting for the feelings and ideas I wanted to express. I wrote a lot of neoclassical pieces, developed my own sound in this genre and released my first album ‘3’ in 2019.

The track Almost There was released as a single on the 19th of June 2020, but will also be featured on an upcoming album sometime 2021.

Tell us something about your track Almost There!
The day after I wrote this song I recorded some tunes on a grand piano in the auditorium of a school. Half a year later at the actual recordings for the album I tried hard (maybe too hard) to recreate the feeling of the first record but couldn’t make it. So I just went with the ‘demo’ of the song. It’ll be the only song on the album played on a grand piano.

Thank you for sharing with us Matthias!

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