Spotted: Paul-Marie Barbier – Melancolia

Spotted: Paul-Marie Barbier – Melancolia

Today I’m introducing you to the French pianist, performer and composer Paul-Marie Barbier. Paul-Marie started plating the piano at the age of five, percussion at the age of 12 and later guitar at the age of 15. Besides of writing neo classical piano music, Paul-Marie is also part of the band Caravan Palace (of which I am a great fan of, btw).

The track Melancolia was released as a single on June 26th, but will also be part of an upcoming album.

Paul-Marie Barbier describes ‘Melancolia’, his 3rd solo piano single, as a blend of two main influences, Satie’s Gymnopédies and Chopin’s Mazurkas. Connoisseurs will also hear a reference to Schubert’s impromptus towards the end of the piece, with descending broken arpeggios in the right hand. ‘Melancolia’ was originally a Caravan Palace song but this time the rework goes much deeper with even the meter changing from a slow and heavy 4 beat rhythm into a lighter, melancholic waltz.

Thank you Paul-Marie!

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