Spotted: Matthias Schneiders – An Angels Voice

Spotted: Matthias Schneiders – An Angels Voice

Today I present to you the latest track, An Angels Voice, by the German composer and piano player Matthias Schneiders. Matthias is 23 years old and started playing the piano about seven years ago. While he was studying songwriting and composition in Cologne he discovered that he “doesn’t express himself in words but in sounds and melodies” so he started making piano music!

The track An Angels Voice was released as a singel sometime back in 2019.

Tell us something about your track An Angels Voice!
The Track was inspired by my wonderful girlfriend who also painted the Singlecover. Her soft, beautiful voice created the Melodie in my head and I was able to her the complete Piece in my mind. Therefore she actually deserves all the credit.

Thank you for this!

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