Spotted: Sean Patton – Sitting and Forgetting

Spotted: Sean Patton – Sitting and Forgetting

Today I’m introducing you to the track Sitting and forgetting from the Canadian composer and piano player Sean Patton, located in Vancouver Island. Sean started playing the piano at a young age, but eventuellt put the piano aside for the guitar. About four years ago he went back to the piano and here we are!

This track is taken from the album A Gentle Art of Sitting and Forgetting which came out on December 11th, 2020.

Tell us something about your track Sitting and Forgetting!
This song (like the others on the release) were written while my mom went to her chemo therapy treatments. I would sit at the piano and imagine what it was she was thinking, or reflect on things she had said to me recently. I would think about the cancer spreading in her body, or I would think about the harsh chemicals coursing through her body trying to destroy the cancer cells, or the radiation bombarding her body, and I would just SIT there. Sit there with those thoughts, and feel whatever emotions were there, and then let my fingers guide those feelings and thoughts and place them on the keys of the piano. As I would start to create I would slowly start to FORGET and turn into the music. Playing music, sitting and forgetting, hoping that when my mother would hear it she would be able to do the same, and find some relief, at least temporarily.

Thank you very much for this track (and the entire album for that matter).

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