Spotted: Matthias Schneiders – Vagues de Printemps

Spotted: Matthias Schneiders – Vagues de Printemps

Today I’m introducing you the composer and piano player Matthias Schneiders from Germany. Matthias started playing the piano at the age of 16 and soon realized the countless possibilities to touch people with this incredible instrument. While studying composition in Cologne he started creating moders piano pieces.

The track Vagues de Printemps was released as a single on the 26th of February, 2021.

Tell us something about your track Vagues de Printemps!
My latest track Vagues de Printemps is a perfect example for a modern piano piece. With different moods it opens the chance to go trough various emotions while listening. It was inspired by my girlfriend who also painted the stunning artwork. 

Thanks for this Matthias!

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