Spotted: Vittoriano di Grazia – So as You Are

Today I’m presenting you with the track So as You Are by the composer and piano player Vittoriano di Grazia. Vittoriano lives in Salerno and teaches at the “G.Martucci” music conservatory.  He started to play the piano at the age of 7 and made his first compositions at the age of 17.

The track So as You Are was released as a single on the 1st of march 2021 and will be featured on an upcoming album as well.

Tell us something about your track So as You Are!
I really like to improvise on piano, many of my music were born from sudden inspiration and from moments of life lived in my past and in my present; life is like an “infinite soundtrack”, and for me every mood, every memory must be caught to turn it into notes, just listen to yourself inside.

Thank you for this!

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