Spotted: Matthias Schreiber – tiefblau eins

Spotted: Matthias Schreiber – tiefblau eins

Today I’m presenting you with the track tiefblau eins by the German composer, piano player and producer Matthias Schreiber. Matthias studio is based on the foot of the Black Forest in Germany and in his studio; most of the equipment is built by himself.

The track tiefblau eins was released on the album tiefblau and came out on the 27th of december, 2022.

Tell us something about your track tiefblau eins!
The album „tiefblau” and the track it contains „tiefblau eins” was created during a spontaneous two-day studio session. The weather bad – the studio warm.

Allowing music to come and develop in the moment often shows me personally what moves me and where I stand. An immediate form of expression that words could hardly express. Without a mask and not polished – direct and honest – and sometimes with rough edges.

Thank you very much for the Matthias!