Spotted: Mattia Greggio – The dance of dreams

Spotted: Mattia Greggio – The dance of dreams

Today I’m introducing you to the track The dance of dreams by the Italian composer Mattia Greggio. For everything about Mattia and his piano playing, you should click on his name above to read the Behind the piano article about him!

The track The dance of dreams was released as a single on January 29, 2021.

Tell us something about the rack The dance of dreams!
It is a song of hope for this new year. The message I would like to convey is to never leave your dreams, to always feed them and always keep them alive. It is always important to believe in what you are doing. Very often, believing in your dreams allows us to achieve very important goals that we never thought we would achieve. In composing this song I imagined a night full of positive dreams that intertwined with each other going to give life to a dance. A hopeful dance!

Thanks for sending this over Mattia!

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