Spotted: MDJ Matthias De Jaeger – Mighty Vision

Spotted: MDJ Matthias De Jaeger – Mighty Vision

Today, I’m introducing you to Belgian pianist and composer Matthias De Jaeger, living in Ghent. I have before written about one release from Matthias, which you can find here. Matthias started releasing his music this summer (2019).

With every song I make, I try to tell a story. Because for me writing music is travelling and writing stories: 
Travelling with my piano to a vast world and discover musical landscapes.
Writing stories and filling the air with poetry. So my fingers are a pencil, the piano my paper airplane.

The song Mighty Vision was released as a single but will also be featured on an upcoming album sometime 2020.

Tell us something about your track Mighty Vision! 
“Mighty Vision” is a soothing song with a clear, smooth atmosphere. It is easy listening. You can listen to it with an open mind. Depending on how you feel it can evoke both a liberating feeling and a melancholic connotation.

Thank you for sharing this with us Matthias!

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